Hello, My name is Jan D. - I’m a professional WEB developer, certified PHP 7 engineer, with about 10 years of experience, having been worked with websites big & small, from simple to complicated internal projects.

I can offer you my time and expertise if you’re looking for someone who’d take the responsibility of any kind of a website or a WEB project in general.

I’m a FULL stack developer, so can do both Frontend and Backend. I like to solve programming related problems in general, so I wouldn’t mind working even on old legacy code.


I’m a full stack WEB developer, certified Zend PHP 7 engineer. For the last ~10 years I’ve been working with various stacks of technology:

  • Backend: Symfony framework 4, PHP 7, laravel, codeigniter…
  • Frontend: Angular 2+, ReactJS, jQuery, …
  • CSS3, HTML5
  • …. and more ...


Thinking of using my services ?

You can contact me through contact page here: